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On Wednesday, August 27th 1969, in the fair German city of Braunschweig (that's "Brunswick" to you Anglophiles) a baby boy was born into this world. It was named 'Cord' for no particular reason but that his mother liked the name. In case you didn't already guess I will relieve the tension right at the beginning and admit that this baby was me. I was the sunshine in everybody's life, always cheerful, nice, obedient and intelligent. Well ...umh... let's say nearly always.

I went to school at the Wilhelm Gymnasium in the glorious 80s when there were only three TV stations, two brands of frozen pizza, no boygroups, no mobile phones, no CD players and no internet. But instead we had Mon Chichis, Phil Collins, Bonanza Bikes and "Gunsmoke" on TV. So life was full und rich.

Afterwards I spent 15 months defending the free world by running through forrests, digging holes into the ground and shuffling forms from one side of the desk to the other. In the end the enemy surrendered, or was it us who surrendered? Anyway, the cold war luckily ended.

In 1991 I started studying chemistry and philosophy at the University of Bielefeld and in March 1997 I finished my Master's thesis about the "Quantitative Analysis of Reactive Species in Flames with Cavity Ring Down-Spectroscopy" (CRD) in the PC I, which is a physical chemistry group investigating reactions in flames with lasers.

As interesting as this was there was something even better in store for me: The rapidly growing Internet. I started working for the Telemedia, a company specialising in internet solutions.

From there I went on to work as an online editor for science, computer and economics at Bertelsmanns online bookshop BOL where I am right now project manager for electronic products like the eBook.

I love reading comics, especially those by Carl Barks and Jack Kirby. Consequently I am a member of the D.O.N.A.L.D. and an avid reader of the Jack Kirby Collector. My small contributions to the world of comics are writing for the German comic magazine Comic Speedline and translating the adventures of one very special dinosaur: Nervous Rex by William Van Horn.

Some years ago I cured myself of a very bad case of addiction to Coca Cola and have recently discovered that I developed an addiction to plum juice instead - which is quite likely more healthy but unfortunately definitely more expensive. I belong to those 2% of the population who do not own a T.V. set and quite honestly the only moments I feel sorry about this is when reruns of Star Trek are on the air.

If you speak German you have a look an automated (!) translation of this page. You won't understand any of the gibberish the algorithm produces but hopefully you will have a good laugh.

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